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tuned for your local news. i'm cat deeley. good night! >> this is fox 5 news at 10:00. fox 5 it working several big stories. a police officer accused of shooting a man who refused his sexual advances, and then trying to cover it up. the new details emerging in the case. rush hour once again turning
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into happy hour on the rails. fox 5 investigates new complaints about the so-called party train. we're going to begin tonight with major new plans to curb crime in a hopping dc night life area. thanks for joining us, everyone. i'm brian bolter? i'm shawn yancy. operations adams morgan kicked off with more officers patrolling clubs and restaurants. >> police are cracking down even harder. some business owners worry it could drive customers away. matt ackland is live tonight, matt. >> reporter: big plans under way, and the one probably getting the most attention is starting friday night at 10:00 p.m. police plan to remove all of the cars here. they are restricting parking, and the people that continue to park here will actually be towed away, given a $50 ticket. also, police are getting some help from dpw and the fire marshal. the fire marshal will come in and inspect some of the clubs on this street to make sure they're
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not overcrowded. you might remember a lot of business owners in this area have been complaining about the crime here. they're asking for more enforcement, but tonight, they were pulling back from this plan. it attracts thousands of customers on the weekend. adams morgan is known for its great restaurants and exciting night life but recently it's been getting a lot of attention for crime late on weekends. >> just walking in the middle of the street, fights taking place, people walking around with alcohol in their hands, outside of public spaces, open use of drugs. >> reporter: wednesday night, business owners came to hear the next steps being planned by dc police for operation adams morgan. they also applauded the idea of additional police, but many worry about a new plan to restrict parking starting at 10:00 p.m.. >> there's not enough public parking. there's not enough goods transportation. you're teaching the people not
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to come here. >> reporter: police say getting rid of parking on 18th could help stop jay walking and loitering. >> by increasing the flow of the vehicle traffic, it's going to keep individuals on the sidewalks. >> reporter: also, the fire marshal and department of public works will join with police. dpw will keep an eye out for parking violations in the neighborhoods, and the fire marshal will inspect busy clubs. >> we're getting complaints and complaints and complaints about establishments being overcrowded, as well as allowing individuals to consume too much alcohol and come out to the streets. >> reporter: another concern brought up at the meeting, the guardian angel. >> we don't need them and don't want them on 18th street. >> reporter: some owners don't like the attention the guardian angels bring and worry they might do more harm than good, but police say everyone who is willing to help is welcome. >> we're all here for the same thing. we want everybody to be happy and everybody functioning and operate inside of adams morgan.
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>> reporter: back out live outside adams morgan, a busy night. the captain who held that meeting today told the crowd and the business owners that nothing was etched in stone, that he was prepared to make changes even in the hours that these parking restrictions might be put in place, but at this point, he's moving forward at 10:00 p.m. friday night, when they'll start restricting parking for two blocks on 18th street. >> matt ackland live in adams morgan. thank you, matt. police release two new pictures of a suspected serial flasher in fairfax county. this man has hit at least five young men, at the fair oaks mall and the greenbriar shopping center. he preys on women in their teens and early 20s. he distracts them inside the store and cuts their bottoms and takes off. if you recognize this man, call police. a maryland police officer on the wrong side of the law, not only accused of trying to lure a man to his home for sex, but
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then trying to kill him. sherri ly joins us now, and this man was in a courtroom today and you listened to what he and the judge had to say. >> reporter: we got a lot of details in the shooting, but interestingly enough, those details are different depending on whether you're the prosecution or the defense. the one thing they can agree upon is that, yes, officer gene gillette shot at the victim inside gillette's truck, but depending upon who you believe, gillette is either the predator or the victim. prince georges county prosecutors say mount rainier officer gene gillette lured him to his home to be in a porno movie and engage in sexual acts. when the victim refused and tried to escape, prosecutors say he shot the victim repeatedly. the officer said it was a carjacking, but that was a lie. they were able to further investigate and uncover more as
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we went along and determined that the story was not as it originally appeared. >> reporter: in the defense version of events, gillette is a victim arguing his release at a bond hearing, the officer's attorney say the accused in the case wanted to rob gillette, stole his truck and tried to run him over. the shooting, self defense and anything else that happened was consensual. fellow officers, family and friends refused to say anything. do you believe the charges against mr. gillette? in court, the prosecutors said this is not something that happened just one time. the defendant has done this before. the investigation remains open. >> we are certainly asking at this point for the public to contact us if there are any further victims. >> reporter: the victim is out of the hospital. his family says the truth finally came out. >> for them to accuse him for something like that and then put him in that situation pretty much on his death bed. >> reporter: gillette was taken away in handcuffs ordered held without bond, the victim's family afraid what would happen
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if he got out. >> officer gillette is an officer who has resources and knowledge that they feel could cause harm to this particular victim. >> reporter: gillette was rookie of the year and named officer of the year twice. he faces 12 counts, including attempted murder, for which he could get a life sentence. >> officer gene illette certainly wasn't the only person in court. he had a lot of supporters. >> he did. his captain, his boss, mother, father rgs sister, aunt and brother, even his rotc teacher, but it wasn't enough for the judge to let him out of jail. interestingly, he is a decorated officer, being awarded rookie of the year and officer of the year twice. >> sherri ly tonight. we'll be following this story. less than a week until the deadline to raise the nation's debt limit and still no deal. as that clock ticks down, lawmakers are trying to pass a
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plan to balance the nation's budget. laura evans has those developments. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner cracking the whip on the gop demanding his party's support for the debt plan which cuts federal spending and raises the debt ceiling, and it appears his efforts are paying off. >> when push comes to shove, i'm confident this bill will pass the house of representatives. >> reporter: boehner had to postpone a vote on his original plan when gop critics lined up after a nonpartisan analyst said his measure would cut less spending than they'd expected. as they emerged from a closed door meeting yesterday, some republicans hinted that rewrites could change their minds. >> i've shifted from leaning yes to leaning no, and that really is, you don't let the perfect get in the way of the doable. >> reporter: tea party activists continue to argue that the proposal doesn't go far enough and senate democrats say boehner's wasting time with the short-term measure. >> the speaker's plan is on life support and it's time for him to
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pull the plug. >> don't anyone ever think we'll only be left with the boehner plan. it is not a solution and it will not pass. every democratic senator will vote against it. >> reporter: senate majority leader harry reed has offered his own proposal but republican bob corker says nothing on the table right now is enough to save the country's credit rating. >> it seems to me that all of us in this body should be pressing the leaders on both sides of the aisle to at least present a scorable package that's scorable and real in the area of $4 trillion. >> reporter: gop leaders say the house could vote as early as tomorrow on the speaker's retoold plan. both sides agree here that a failure to reach a deal could have devastating effects on the nation and even the world's economies, shawn. >> thank you, laura. jack bergman and alan lichtman are here to help us brake down the steal mate.
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could evening. i don't think any of us think a deal will be worked out in time. both sides may be here to blend both deals, you say. the gop has been accused of not compromising, especially the tea party. what needs to happen to get this deal done? >> hopefully, maybe it's kind of an extreme view but i don't want to see a deal, shawn, because i think this is the tea party position and certainly the conservative position, that the only way to stop the government from growing and spending is not increase the debt ceiling. i don't know another way to get the monster to stop eating. >> if that happens, there could be catastrophic effects worldwide. >> when you say catastrophic, everybody uses those words, the dow goes down 10%, the s & p goes down 15%. since when is it the government's job to run the dow and the s & p on wall street. we've reached a point where the government is so big and intrusive and grabbing everything in its path that it's worried about when the asian
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markets open and european markets close and this is how we make our decisions and that's not the province of the federal government. >> i know you want to jump in there. >> that's abject nonsense. that's the tea party position, they want to inflict extreme harm on hundreds of millions of ordinary people not just in the united states, but all over the world to stick to their extremist position that there can be no compromise here, no krkszs whatsoever from the biggest corporations and the richest americans. only 19% of the american people support that position. 2/3 of the american people support the idea that there has to be a blend of contributions from everyone. let me finish. >> you have plenty of time. tax nexts and federal spending cuts. it's not just a matter of the dow and s & p going down. it's a matter of interest rates sky rocketing. everyone with a home mortgage, every student with a loan.
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anyone who wants to buy a car or anything on credit will suffer deeply to the extreme ideology of jack and his tea party friends. >> jack, go ahead. >> let me throw something out pretty simple, alan. let me take you at your word and say we do that. my simple question is, what then? if we increase the debt ceiling. this is almost like a kind of drug addiction for this country. two years now, year and-a-half from now, two years from now, we're in the exact same position and then we have to come back and raise the debt ceiling again. the country goes further into debt, further into debt. this could go on five, 10, 15 years and we'll end up like greece, where the us dollar will be valueless. how can you advocate that? >> let me ask a quick question. why doesn't the president united states the 14th amendment and raise the debt ceiling without congress' approval. >> i think he should. if, in fact, the tea party folks and their 19% of supporters insist upon mruvrnling us into a deep recession, the president should use his power, and he
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won't. >> no one is suggesting that we don't deal with this problem, but every single nonpartisan authority who's looked at this has said -- and 2/3 of the american people say that -- there have to be contributions from everyone. the only way we get out of this mess is by a combination of revenue increases from those who can afford it and a combination of spending. >> all right, jack, let me jump in. let me give you the final word here. realistically, if you think that congress should do nothing, we shouldn't raise the debt ceiling, don't you think that the gop will feel it come in election time? >> actually, i don't. i think if the tea party hsz co-opted and conservatives portray their values, i think the tea party will throw them out and put new ones in. boehner's making a mistake by moving too far to the left, a little bit of a danger. if you want to talk about the political ramifications, if there are any catastrophic events that alan is talking about, they'll fall on the
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president. the president will get blamed. if the market goes down, the average guy will say, i blame the president of the united states, not the house republican leadership. >> i think both sides are going to take the blame. we can keep this going and going. my producer is saying cut, we're out of time. gentlemen, thanks for coming in, jack beshgman and alan lichtman. thank you. a northern virginia man has vanished without a trace. his family is worried sick and pleading for answers. the clues that could solve this mystery. it's moving day in the nfl. new players are heading to redskins park while others are shipping out. we'll break down the changes. police say this is a big-time crime going down, $70,000 worth of copper, wiring ripped off from pep co. and this case has a twist. the news edge investigates at 11:00. 
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>> a frantic search is underway tonight for a missing virginia man. family members, volunteers and police all trying to figure out
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what happened to a construction worker from springfield. fox 5's will thomas sat down with his worried relatives tonight. will, i can't imagine what they must be going through. >> reporter: devastating shawn as you can imagine. let me tell you, they are using every medium possible to reach out to you the public to find their loved one. they've created a facebook page, help find oscar valesco montanno. they're handing out flyers in english and spanish. the family has hired a private detective but 18 days after his disappearance, his whereabouts is still a mystery. >> i don't want to think anything but that he's fine but he's not here right now because something strange happened to him. >> reporter: she is hopeful her 29-year-old brother will return, but nearly three weeks after his disappearance, the tears are hard to hold back because they're so close. >> he take care of me, and
10:19 pm
especially my mom, he's always calling her talking to her, so that's not him, and what happened to him, i don't know how to explain it. >> reporter: oscar valesco montano was last seen leaving for work sunday morning, july 9. his relatives believe he drove his minivan to get there but never came back to his springfield virginia home he shares with family members. a week after no sign of oscar, the minivan turned up three blocks away from his construction job site in tyson's corner. >> they went to the hospital, checked and called, called prisons, called detention centers as far as immigration goes if they think he's an illegal resident, just in case. >> reporter: the family's kitchen table is now their command center in the effort to find oscar. they say they've handed out more than 15,000 flyers hitting metro stations and hospitals. a facebook page is now growing, and the bolivian consolate
10:20 pm
helped expedite his visa to get oscar's mother into the country quickly. >> we don't want to think something bad has happened to him. he's a very good, responsible boy, and i can talk about him the whole day. >> reporter: a fairfax county police detective is assigned to the case which is currently categorized as missing persons, because so far, there is no sign of a crime. oscar's family is faithful, and they're turning to prayer to find strength. we're told his phone has not been used since his disappearance. same story with his credit cards and bank accounts, haven't been touched. his family says he's single, not even a girlfriend. when he's not working full time as a construction worker, he's spending time with his extended family. shawn, as you said at the top, they miss him very much. >> let's hope our report tonight brings him home. will thomas, thank you. well, what a difference a couple of days makes, right? i mean, it seems like we didn'th
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the ravens starting nine games with 40 tackles and three interceptions. the first three seasons of his career were with seattle. the deal reportedly worth $13.5 million over three years and
10:22 pm
will likely start at cornerback opposite deangelo hall. here's more on the redskins move. >> the donovan mcnabb deal, they can't formally announce it but it's going to happen. he's going to minnesota. >> the only way they could bring him in was to take him. >> do you think he'll get to start. >> they drafted christian ponder and envisioned him being the quarterback of the future but in donovan mcnabb they have a guy right now who if he can still play, they think can make them a super bowl contender. >> and now they have stalworth for a one-year deal who's had a troubled past but still a good player. >> whether or not he can recapture the magic he had before his problems, i don't know. last year in baltimore was not that productive for him so let's see what happens there. >> he missed all of the 2009 season with a dui manslaughter. >> do you like gapney. >> yes, and john beck, the
10:23 pm
quarterback, surrounding this guy with as many shorthanded receivers at possible. >> what about stokely. >> he's another guy who's had success in this lead. if you're the redskins and you finished last the last five years, you need to try to build something. these guys are older than some of the fans like but let's see how it shakes out. >> just a moment ago, i heard you say you think beck will be the starter. >> i think he's going to be the guy because shannahan places a lot of confidence in him. if we're to believe the shannahans and believe they're correct, john beck has a feeling he can do a little more rex grossman but yes, i think he's going to be the guy. >> i told you we'd talk about albert haynesworth. a former redskins matt bowen will be there. it should be interesting. you know how much he's supposed to make this year. >> i don't even want to hazard a guess. >> $5.4 million is what albert is supposed to make so i can't
10:24 pm
see the redskins taking up a lot of cap space by using that. maybe he'll get his release papers. stay tuned. drama continues. >> at least we're talking about football finally. we asked our facebook fans if they think -- back to donovan mcnabb for a minute if they think the team will be better without him. joseph coffield told us, no, they better have a back up plan. maggie says if the quarterback is protected better than mcnabb was, they should. and aeisha says i don't think it was about mcnabb. i liked him but i don't think it matters if he stays or goes. of course as always, thank you for your thoughts. brand new video, what happened in the moments after one of those deadly attacks in norway. also, the so-called party train is back. complaints of riders boozing on the rails and getting in their cars to drive home. fox 5 hops on board to investigate tonight at 10:30. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg,
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>> the latest in a series of deadly attacks on afghan officials, the us ambassador condemned the killing and says it's actually a sign of the taliban's weakness saying they can no longer conduct large-scale operations. new details and images tonight of the mass killings in norway last week. take a look at this surveillance video capturing the first deadly attack in downtown oslo after a car bomb exploded. it shows people shopping inside a store. moments later, an explosion blows out the window. the suspect is accused of killing 68 people at a youth camp 25 miles away. investigators say officers came close to shooting him when he surrendered but were concerned he might be wearing a suicide vest. a byob happy hour on the
10:29 pm
track shows you rowdy riders boozing on a train and new complaints are surfacing. we're back on the party train in a fox 5 investigation, next.
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>> it was one of our most talked about stories, and tonight, fox 5 is hopping back on the party train. call it a byob happy hour on the tracks. >> more complaints tonight about rowdy commuters on public transportation, potentially putting themselves and others at risk. tisha thompson is here with the investigation. >> reporter: it's been five years since fox 5 told you about drinking on the mark trains. at the time, the maryland transit administration and state lawmakers said they would address the complaints, find a solution. but some passengers say the problem is once again gaining speed.
10:33 pm
quitting time, the daily commute home, a tedious routine for most, unless you happen to ride the maryland transit administration's mark train. >> pretty much every day on the evening commute. >> reporter: fox 5 first showed you what many dubbed "the party train." back in 2006, our cameras caught commuters heading home in full party mode. some had a beer in one hand, tequila in the other. >> i have seen a woman strip down, trying to perform lap dances on people. >> reporter: on the brunswick line, margaritas, the choice of one car, gin and tonic in another. no one can cut them off before some of them got off the train and into their cars. the drinking, totally legal because of a loophole in state law allowing food and beverages, even alcohol on the mark.
10:34 pm
at the time, they vowed to increase police presence. >> sometimes you just cringe on some of the things they're saying, with no regard for their colleagues. >> reporter: but richard rayon who's been riding mark the last year and-a-half, says some passengers are still turning rush hour into happy hour. >> i've seen beer get splashed onto the lower area of the double decker rail car. >> reporter: fox 5 obtained complaints from other passengers to mta in the last year. dropped bottles from the upper level of the train car. i had my sister's kids with me, and three were using foul language. after drinking, they get in their cars and drive on our highways, shoving, swearing vulgar comments. richard thinks that drinking should be banned but worries it might need something more drastic. >> it would have to be a drunk driving related incident and at that point there would have to be some action. >> reporter: to find out what's really going on, fox 5 hopped back on the mark over the last
10:35 pm
few weeks. we didn't spot much hard liquor, but beer was definitely flowing. >> people drinking beer man, you know, you know you're going home, having a good time. >> reporter: including this group downing large 40-ounce beers in less than an hour. the conducter even stopping to check. before they pass around one more 12 ounce and put their cocktails under wrap. >> the overwhelming majority of our customers behave responsibly. >> reporter: terry owens with nta says after our original story, the secretary of transportation did order an internal review. >> a committee was formed. they took a look at the policy, and did not find enough widespread issues to warrant any change in the policy. >> reporter: mark admits there has been an increase in complaints involving drinking, profanity and physical altercations, prompting mark to send this e-mail recently to passengers reminding them, drinking is a privilege, not a right. >> we don't see this as a
10:36 pm
widespread problem. >> reporter: owen says mark can send out undercover officers on trains if needed. >> they seem to be stuck in between a rock and hard place and the conductor doesn't have time to baby sit those folks. >> it's unfortunate there may be a few bad apples. >> reporter: we showed the complaints to maryland's delegate who sat on the state's dui task force. >> if they misbehave on the train, but there's a little bit of, who cares. but if the same people get out and get in their car and drive home, that's a whole nother public safety issue that has to be addressed. >> reporter: she plans to investigate whether it's finally time to change the law and shut the party train down for good. mta says that e-mail that went out to mart passengers was in response to a very specific incident between a conductor and passenger. the passenger was removed from
10:37 pm
the train. the nta says you should notify the conductor anytime you see someone intoxicated. >> it's kind of crazy to watch that and see that it's legal. i remember some of our original stories, we saw people getting off the train that appeared to be intoxicated and driving away. where are they getting the alcohol? >> that's a question a lot of people have. if you ride the mart train, you know there is a liquor store right next to where everyone gets on the train at union station, but what's interesting about that is just this morning we went and checked and the liquor store has been shut down so we're very interested to see if that's going to have any kind of impact on what's happening on the train. >> real quickly, is it legal to drink on metro? >> it's not. it's not legal to drink on metro or the vre or eat on the vre, which is the virginia version of the mart train, which is why people are like well then why do they get away with it on the mart? it's been on the books for a long time. people say they love it, other people say they hate it. >> tisha thompson, thank you.
10:38 pm
fox 5 is monitoring metro and the latest on a chiller that has left three stations hot. chillers run air over cold water, and the chillers in three places are broken. crews have been working overtime to try to get it fixed. they tell us it's being cool on archives but the other two stations are working on getting cool. andrea may notice more traffic congestion. some 6,000 workers have transferred from crystal city to the mart center. metro is taking steps to deal with the extra traffic offering bus service from the pentagon to the mart center. the new line will run every 10 minutes in rush hour and every 15 off peak. the new routes start august 8. someone definitely took a wrong turn. coming up next, find out how mexican soldiers accidentally invaded the us. walter reed army medical
10:39 pm
center one step closer to closing its doors for good. first, lori rossman with your business report. 
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>> that was straight out of a comic book. he was accused of having soldiers use mind games on senators. that 3 star army general has been cleared of wrong doing. an article in the rolling stone in february brought the allegations to light. lieutenant general william caldwell was investigated. the article said so-called sci-ops were used to get them to support the war in afghanistan but the general declares the accusations are unfounded. it wasn't exactly an invasion but part of the mexican
10:43 pm
army wound up in texas by accident. they crossed the rio grand into texas in four hum vs over a bridge across the boundary line but once they were in the us, they had to keep going to check in with customs officials. >> i couldn't answer whether they were armed or not, but i can tell you that they were conducting their work that they do as military, and somehow they lost sight of the boundary line and entered the us territory. >> well, they were questioned, not detained nor charged. the mexican military says they were carrying out reconnaissance on the border when they made a mistake. coming up on the news edge at 11:00, thousands of dollars in copper stolen from pepco. you're not going to believe who police say is behind the theft. the debt deadlock on capitol hill having an unexpected effect on airline fees but you're probably not seeing any savings, coming up on the news edge at 11:00. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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>> it's the drawing down of a mission that has lasted a century. today, the military paid tribute and a fond fair well to walter reed army medical center, the hospital that's treated hundreds of thousands over the years. karen gray houston attended today's ceremony. >> reporter: there was the military's pomp & circumstance, presentation of colors, from the army band, all in tribute to a hospital. >> our rich history is coming to an end. >> reporter: for more than a century, walter reed army medical center has cared for privates, residents and kings, and shutting down this fall as part of the base realignment and closure act. employees and patients will move to the national medical center in bethes da and in virginia. >> walter reed is not a building. walter reed is the people who provide care and compassion from wounded, ill and injured
10:48 pm
warriors. >> reporter: the casing of the color's flag ceremony. >> the warrior transition bregade walter reed will close. >> reporter: the formal passing of the sword and at the end, daring sky dievg exercises. the ceremony was final, symbolic and bitter sweet. they cased the colors, and stressed that this is not the end of walter reed. that hospital has had struggles, including a scandal over shoddy living conditions in an outpatient ward back in 2007. as it closes, it's time for reflection. >> for the people here who are the real legacy of the organization, this is an emotional closure for them, because for most of our employees, this is family. >> reporter: the family includes prominent former patients, like hawaii senator daniel inoway. >> i know that this is just advancement. >> these doors may close, the address may change, but the
10:49 pm
name, the legacy, and most importantly, the work and the healing will endure. thank you. [applause] god bless you, and god bless this great army. >> reporter: but just to be clear, walter reed isn't closed entirely yet. the move is taking place in stages with patients and medical equipment mostly being moved in the month of august. i'm karen gray houston in the fox 5 newsroom. another hot day outside, but the good news is we didn't have as much humidity. >> it was way down. dew points in the low 50s, beautiful. >> if we could keep summer like this all summer, i would be happy with it. >> you would take it, huh? >> yes. >> unfortunately, as you said last night, shawn, it was the nicest day of the week. it's past tense now. humidity is beginning to slow-climb back and you'll notice it a bit more tomorrow. i think friday will be kind of the melt down day this week but it's nowhere near as bad as last week in terms of the humidity but we'll be getting up there
10:50 pm
again, and triple digits would not be a stress for us coming up at the end of the week, but starting out tonight, i want to show you that the big headline is, yes, it's all about the humidity. the big green monster will be making a come-back. i know it's clear and you can't see it. temperature, 93 degrees but we didn't have that humidity, that oppressive water vapor in the air today. it was a dry 93 degrees but you can see all around us, there is plenty of heat on the weather maps and it's going to be closing in. raleigh 99 again today. st. louis 100, little rock 100, how about wichita, 111 degrees. here's where that horrible heat dome has been setting up shop again, and you can see how brutally hot it is underneath it. 104 in dallas, 103 in del rio, texas, and on top of that, texas has had a massive drought in addition to this record july heat they've been getting. meanwhile around here, our temperature is 82 degrees right now, a few spots in the 70s, gaithersburg 73, dulles 77. our current dew point is up from
10:51 pm
the low 50s to about 60, and that's still pretty comfortable but it will be climbing. we've got a few clouds around tonight too. it doesn't look like we'll see any of the showers. we've got a big cluster of storms and chicago has been hit pretty hard with that. that is not in the cards for us, and i don't think we'll see any tomorrow, but we're taking you on a big flight down to the mexican -- gulf of mexico and also the yucatan peninsula of the gulf of mexico because we have our fourth named storm, our tropical storm don is down there. it's really just clearing the yucatan and heading into the central gulf of mexico, currently located about 675 miles southeast of corpus christi, texas and looks like it will be heading for texas. we'll show you the latest track for this thing as we put it into motion and it appears that don with winds of 40 miles per hour make it across that warm water in the gulf of mexico. here's the latest track. it may get as strong as 65 miles per hour according to the
10:52 pm
hurricane center, and it appears to be close to corpus christi weakening out so we know texas needs the rain. hopefully it won't get too much stronger but will have to be watched for the weekend. here's your forecast tomorrow. we'll be getting hotter and more humid. we hold off the really hot stuff until friday and that's when we think temperatures could be approaching 100 degrees and it will certainly feel hotter than that. get ready for it, folks. good news is it won't last too long. we're going to be 94 tomorrow with lots of sunshine. could be maybe a spotty thunderstorm on friday but the big deal friday, 99, feeling like 105, so they're probably going to have to issue another heat advisory. saturday about 97, couple of storms around then and maybe a spotty storm on sunday at 93, and then we trend things back down closer to normal by sunday and monday. >> wow. i cans, here we go. >> thank you, sue. >> sure. they are the youngest victims of terror from the us and abroad. even though they live worlds apart they share a common bond
10:53 pm
and they're spending time in virginia. fox 5's beth parker has their story. >> reporter: francesca pacerno had just turned nine, the apple of her father's eye. >> he was the best dad. i was his princess. >> reporter: the fairy tale ended on 9/11. her dad worked in the world trade center and didn't make it out. >> it changed my whole life. i don't think i would be the way i am today if this didn't happen to me. i would be a completely different person. >> and she certainly wouldn't be sitting here on a panel of fox croft school in middleburg, virginia. the school is hosting a camp called project common bond. the young people you see at this table are connected. each one has lost a close family member to terrorism. >> and the most amazing friends i have ever made in my life. these people are truly understanding. they know exactly how i feel.
10:54 pm
>> five, six, seven, eight. [music]. they dance, create art work and talk about finding peace in a divided world. >> we just want to say this is the best experience i've ever had. >> reporter: these young people who have been through so much now face another challenge, finding a way to take what they've talked about here back to their own communities. they say that is the most difficult part of all of this and also the most important. >> what i can really take away from this is that if you just focus on the similarities, try to ignore your differences, and when the similarities are so much bigger and so much more than the differences, then there's definitely hope for a better tomorrow. >> i find that all this together, we have this light within us that's producing so much strength and dignity, and i really -- we're all global leaders here. >> and we can go out into the world and share our strength and
10:55 pm
help others. we're not necessarily the ones in dire need anymore. we've been there, but now we're all coming together and we're fighting back, and we're trying to feel peace and help others in conflict and help others to understand that it can be a better world. >> reporter: in virginia, beth parker, fox 5 news. coming up next, this season of "so you think you can dance" is heating up. we go behind the scenes to see what it takes to look picture-perfect.
10:56 pm
10:57 pm

10:58 pm
>> many of you watched tonight's episode of so you think you can dance. they like to dress up for the cameras before they hit the dance floor. here's a behind the scenes look. >> reporter: before they take to the stage to impress america and the judges, contestants on
10:59 pm
"so you think you can dance" rely on a small army of wardrobe, hair and make-up artists to make sure they look perfect for the camera. >> yeah, they just pamper you. it's great. i love it. >> i definitely like getting pampered every single week. we could come in looking a mess but these people are amazing and make us look amazing. >> the make up stays on no matter how sweaty we get. >> it's great to have all the pieces in line because everything just sets up for a perfect dance. >> reporter: with limited time each week, the pressure is on to make the routines memorable. >> we really only have like 48 hours for preps, but not even all of that because we have to sleep. >> and we come in and as a team we kind of put together a look that we think is going to help complete that visual for the audience, but as well for the dancers being able to really get into theiro
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